The first time I used Vintner’s Daughter serum, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Even if I read many great reviews about how amazing and life changing it was, it seemed way too good to be true. This was before testing it out for a week on my capricious skin. Bazinga! I was freaking glowing. For the first time in a long time, I was comfortable enough to leave home wearing a ridiculously small amount of foundation.  I obviously wanted to learn more about the story behind this magic potion, which is why I reached out to April  Gargiulo, the brand’s creator.

What’s the story behind Vintner’s Daughter?

While learning the do’s and don’ts of pregnancy I realized that almost all of my skincare products contained ingredients that were on the “don’t” list. As I researched more and discovered the cumulative damage these products have on our systems, I sought out toxin free alternatives – trying everything from cult beauty oils to coconut butter. What I found was that many all-natural products either weren’t as toxin-free as I wanted or they ceded activity and results for a smell-good formula. Not finding anything on the market that met my high standards, I, along with natural skincare veterans created a “hero” formulation that would address my myriad skincare needs (acne, discoloration, fine lines, radiance, texture, clarity, tone, elasticity) at the highest level of performance.


How did you develop the formula for your serum?  

Our formulation process was deeply influenced by my fine winemaking background both in philosophy and process. Fine winemaking is about growing the highest quality grapes and honoring them through thoughtful and diligent winemaking practices. Vintner’s Daughter upholds these principles through our sourcing of the world’s finest raw ingredients and adhering to an exacting formulation process.


Do you think a return to organic products is the future of beauty?

I think people will come to understand that factory beauty is no different than factory food. It is filled with harmful chemicals that are not good for our bodies or the environment. Once this realization happens, it is natural to seek out smaller more conscientious beauty options. Vintner’s Daughter is all about making a product that allows a woman to be uncompromising around this issue. She can have serious results and be toxin-free.


What would you say to people that are still scared to use oils on their face?

I remember the first time I used oil on my face. I felt like I was jumping off a cliff. However, once you use oil, you never go back. It becomes a lifelong love.


Is your diet organic? 

My diet was local and organic way before my skincare was! I had my head in sand about natural beauty for a long time. I couldn’t find anything that addressed everything my skin needed at the highest level of performance. Its why I created Vintner’s Daughter. It’s my desert island, can never leave home without product.


Do you plan on expanding your brand?

Eventually yes, but we are in no rush.We only want to make uncompromisingly high quality skincare and that takes time.


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