The key to attraction might be only a few spritz away.



This mind-altering fleurotic “chypre-floral” scent is enriched with hypnotic, psycho-active magic molecules, spellbinding, erotic floral extracts and mood-enhancing joy aura of citrus. It acts as a portal that attracts love, light, power, positivity and sex to the wearer.




Working with visionary experts within the fields of neuroscience and fragrance, I have created an original magic scent. It combines intoxicating floral extracts & musks from Scent History with newly-discovered psycho-active ingredients of the Future, to create a universal Key of Attraction.

– Charlotte Tilbury


Knowing that the olfactory part of the brain responsible for our sense of smell, is directly linked to the limbic system in our brain (which is responsible for emotion and memory), Charlotte aimed to re-create the mind and body chemistry that happens when any living being reacts to each other’s pheromones.


I believe you can use Scent of a Dream to create an emotional pathway with someone else’s energy centres: their brain, heart & sex receptors, igniting the senses. You can directly alter their state of mind & body through this scent.

– Charlotte Tilbury



Francois Robert, genius fourth generation nose (who has applied his magic to iconic perfumes for Hermes, Lanvin, Missoni, and Les Parfums de Rosine and is the President of the Technical Commission of the French Society of Perfumers), contributed to the creation of Scent of a Dream.

This unique scent has the fresh lightness of a floral and the alluring sexiness of a chypre, creating an entirely new perfume group. This fleurotic frequency leaves a distinctive and enchanting ‘trail’ wherever you go.


The campaign was shot by Sølve Sundsbø, and the film was directed by Baillie Walsh.


This is Kate as you’ve never seen her before. Bewitching, beguiling, and entrancing. Kate on a true soul level, encompasses everything that is ethereal and powerful about this perfume. I have known Kate for 25 years now, and have had so many incredible experiences with her… she gets me, and she gets the scent! She instinctively knew how to convey on camera the way that this scent is a portal for love, light, power, positivity and sex. She is the ultimate modern day icon, and I knew she would have the aura and the abandon that I needed to communicate the magic of Scent of a Dream!

– Charlotte Tilbury


“Charlotte and I have always had this instant, naughty chemistry – We danced side by side together during the shoot. Charlotte has this electric passion and energy for life – she’s a bit magical. It felt totally natural to do her first fragrance campaign together!”

– Kate Moss



Scent of a Dream launches on the 15th of August 2016.

Available at Holt Renfrew.