15 years ago, a historic kiss brought them together for the first time on screen. Ever since, Classique and Le Male have personified perfumery’s hottest lovers. To the strains of “Casta Diva”, from Bellini’s Norma, they love, desire, separate and are reconciled again. The beautiful girl and her sailor, heroes of a now cult advertising saga,have covered all registers: double dealing, transgression, passion and separation. “On The Docks”, the latest opus in the saga, stages the peak of their mutual desire in a new setting: the epic. From the bowels of the freighter to a boudoir apartment, the new film relates their mounting desire in breathless sequences which call for great feats.

Source: Jean Paul Gaulthier

Director: Johnny Green

Photographer: Laurie Bartley

Classique: Rianne Ten Haken

Le Male: Jarrod Scott


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