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It’s a modern fairy tale. Beautiful girl meets handsome boy at a bar in Japan while on location for a modelling gig. They fall in love and become inseparable. Sometime in the near future they have a baby. Francisco’s modelling career explodes—think Balmain army—and the dream of their picture perfect family becomes #LIFEGOALS. ARE YOU ENVIOUS YET?

   By Bianca Taylor

How did you guys meet? Who approached whom? JESSIANN GRAVEL We met in Tokyo. Francisco was 19, and I was 21. I saw him the first day I arrived. I saw him when he walked in the bar, and I said to my friend, “Who’s that guy?” We stared talking, and I was obsessed right away. He was so pretty.

FRANCISCO LACHOWSKI We met in a bar in Tokyo. This other French Canadian guy was like, “Oh, I like her,” and my mind wasn’t set on dating. I was 19. I just wanted to go out and everything! Then when I started talking to her, we started meeting, and it was just natural. We couldn’t get away from each other. I remember the first night. I can say I made the first move. I asked about the tattoo on the back of her ear, but she was the one that really approached me in the club later on [laughs]!

What first attracted you to each other?  JG For me, it was his beauty. That’s the type of business we work in. When I see another model I try to gage what they look like. It’s my job! He was special. Now he got older, and he’s more approachable, but when he was young, he was really different looking. He is sweet. He is how he looks.

FL For me, it was definitely her attitude and style. I married her because she has such a strong personality. She’s not like a naive girl that guys can come and do whatever to, you know? She’s a strong girl. She stands up for herself, and I like that.


That’s sweet. You guys seem to have the perfect life—you’re both gorgeous, have an adorable baby, successful careers, travel often, etc.—at such a young age! It almost seems impossible. Does this put any pressure on your relationship?  FL Not at all! It actually makes it easier. If I wasn’t successful it might be difficult. I’m blessed that we both are.

JG I get this question a lot. People say, “Aw, you’re so perfect,” but that’s just what people see. I would never post a picture of me being mean or mad at my husband, but we’re like everyone. My grass is not greener. We fight like every couple. We have issues, but we know we want to be together. We’re dedicated to each other. We made this decision. We make the relationship. If we have a fight we work hard to make it better and get back to normal. I’m happy.

Is there anything ugly about you that we don’t see on Instagram or in photo shoots?  JG We’re normal. I go to the bathroom just like you [laughs]. We have ups and downs. But I know we’re lucky to have that. I see it.

FL I always thought my feet were really ugly, but I put an amazing tattoo on one, so I don’t think they’re ugly anymore [laughs]! You know, no one’s life is perfect. There are always ups and downs, and we have some fights here and there. Life is never perfect. We’re just trying to show how life is. Nothing is perfect!

Jessiann, I’m sure you’re super envied by a lot of women who are obsessed with Francisco! How do you deal with this?  JG Yeah! They want to kill me. There are a lot of women that want to eliminate me. I’m okay with it now. At first, it was really hard. All my life I was a model, and I was always told I was pretty, and then, because I’m with Francisco, they started to hate me! And I was like, “What did I do?” People started calling me ugly, and saying bad things. After a year, you grow some pretty thick skin. Now I love it. I find it hilarious. I even go to jobs and the girls are like, “Oh my god! Your husband is so beautiful.” I’m like, “Yeah, he his.” If I find him beautiful, wouldn’t I want other women to as well?

You guys both have extremely demanding careers. At the beginning, were you afraid that you’d be the one to sacrifice your career if need be?  JG No, that was already decided. I made the decision that Francisco’s career would be the priority.

That’s pretty selfless of you. JG No! Not really. Francisco is younger. He’s starting. He needs this time right now. He needs to be prioritized. I’ve been doing it for 15 years. I have my clients, my teams. Sometimes I have jobs, and we talk about it. We both compromise. My mom comes to help out a lot. It’s a rush sometimes, but we figure it out.


It seems to be working out well for you. When you got pregnant I’m sure you were worried about the direction your modelling career would take, but it only seems to have made it stronger JG Yeah, I was so worried. I was 24 when I had Milo. Francisco was 21! I got so scared. I was like, “My life is over!” [laughs]. My agent was like, “Listen, you’re not the only model to ever have a kid.” It went super well. I was lucky. It made me stronger. It’s not just me anymore. It’s me and Francisco and Milo. It’s us.

If you could take back any decision in your life, what would it be? JG Nothing. We both believe in karma. I believe that everything happens for a reason. If you do good, good will happen to you. When something bad happens to me, I try to think, and I’m like, “Oh my god! On this day I did this and said that…” I go really far in my head [laughs]. I really believe that things happen to you for a reason.

You guys seem to have it all so early on. What do you have to look forward to? JG We definitely want more kids. We’re looking to move to LA. I think Francisco wants to do some acting. I have an exciting personal project coming up. There are new things coming alive. It’s kind of scary to be in this kind of business with a kid. You never know. Everything can stop tomorrow. You have to keep everything alive.

FL We still have a long way to go. I’m only 24! We have a lot of side projects that we’ve started. Jess is trying to open a designer hat brand this year actually. I always wanted to try acting! I’m getting old, so I have to do it [laughs]. You have to keep moving. You cannot just stand around.

What’s the sweetest thing Francisco has done for you?  JG He makes me coffee every morning. I think that’s pretty cute. Well, actually, I’m not allowed to touch the coffee machine [laughs]. He said I broke it! I’m the worst person to make coffee. He even showed me an old commercial of a man telling a woman “your coffee tastes like shit” [laughs]. So every morning he brings me my coffee.

FL She makes horrible coffee [laughs]! No, she’s getting better now. She makes good dinner though; she cooks so well. Always trying new recipes. She’s really good, but she never believes it! Oh, she planned my first surprise birthday party. It was great and so unexpected. That was really nice, you know?




Where does the name Milo come from?  JG We were living in Paris when I got pregnant, and I went to the Louvre. Do you know the Venus de Milo? I thought it would be such a pretty name for a girl (I thought I was having a girl), but it turned out to be a boy’s name. Francisco was like, “No way! It’s too sweet.” I found out I was having a boy, and I was like, “Let’s call him Milo.” We looked at other options but kept coming back to this one.

What traits do you hope your child gets from each of you when he gets older?   JG I want him to be patient and respectful to women like his father. From me, I have a strong character. I’d like to give him some of that but not too much [laughs]. Sometimes Francisco can be too patient and take too much on his back. I’d want Milo to be a bit tougher.

FL If he’s patient like me and if he has Jess’ enthusiastic attitude—let’s do things, let’s move, let’s go out—that would be great. I’m really patient, and I get too comfortable. I’m laid back, and Jess is the complete opposite [laughs]. In the morning she wants to get up, have her coffee, and leave. Go somewhere. If he has a balance of both of us it would be perfect [laughs].

Would you want Milos to be a model?   JG No! [Laughs]. No one wants their kid to be a model. He’s not in agencies. He’s too young. If he wants to in the future, sure, but I won’t be the one to put him in it. It’s too much. Changing him 300 times a day. I want him to enjoy his childhood. Plus my son hates taking pictures!

FL Well, I’d never go to him and be like you have to try this! He’s going to have a pretty good advisor if he wants to though. If he wants to try it out, in the future, I’d help him as much as I can! I think I would be happy if he would try it. It’s a really good experience. You learn a lot when you’re a model travelling, meeting people everyday, and seeing different cultures almost every month. In January and February I was doing that. It’s not like you’re travelling as a tourist. You’re travelling as a worker, so you have to adapt to the community and country and all these different situations. It’s a great way to travel the world and to learn from different cultures! You can’t get that in any school or college out there!

When was the last time you cried?   JG Oh my god, I cried the other day when I saw Céline Dion at René’s funeral. I’m really Québécois [laughs]. So Québécois! It was too emotional.

FL For some reason I don’t cry. I get sad and I try to show it, but it just doesn’t come to me. But, sometimes when I’m in a plane, and I have a couple of drinks… You know, movies on planes, they get you really emotional. All dramas that I watch on an airplane make me really emotional. It’s completely different [laughs]. The first movie that did this to me was The Notebook. I was like I don’t know why I’m crying, and I even started laughing because I was crying so much. It was the only one I actually cried to. Oh, and Marley & Me.

What was the last thing you Googled?   JG Oh my god, I can’t say it! [laughs] I was looking for photos [laughs]… Okay, okay. I was Googling inspiration for this shoot. Sylvain [DTK’s Creative Director] sent me a story with Clement Chabernaud in Lui. So I was looking to show Jean Claude for the shoot. I Googled Clement Chabernaud. My husband is going to think I’m looking at other models!

FL [Laughs]. No! Clement is my friend. I’m not worried.




Photography: Jean-Claude Lussier
Art Director: Sylvain Blais
Fashion Editor: Fritz at Judy Inc.
Assistant Stylist: Mateo Cabanettes
Hair and Makeup: Nicolas Blanchett at Folio using L’Oréal Professionnel and MAC Cosmetics.
Assistant: Olivier Binet
Models: Jessiann Gravel and Francisco Lachowski at Montage Models.

Web Art Director: César Ochoa


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