Discovering Joffrey Dumas’ alter ego Frigid is like saying yes to an exalting musical trip into a world where genders have no barriers and where pleasure is the key.

 By Marie-Ève Venne        

Joffrey Dumas is a multidisciplinary artist who has been evolving in the Montreal’s art scene for over a decade. Talking about his alter ego Frigid, he speaks of him as he was the one who created him more than just being a part of his act. “I am simply following the spur of the moment and I am discovering new parts of Frigid every day. The universe evolving around my art is taking place really organically and I think it’s what keeps me passionate about it year after year!”

When you listen to his music –from his new album VOTH (Violence of the Heart) – you can perceive a clear blend of different musical influences, from new-wave sounds to some blues accents.  It’s the kind of songs that awaken the party animal in you and make you want to dance all night long without thinking about tomorrow.

When he speaks about his creative process regarding his music, you can feel how everything comes to him in waves of inspiration instead of being a structured process. “It usually starts with a melody stuck in my head or that I dreamed about. It’s the case of my song Sex Skills. I had been working on it for two years, but I wasn’t still satisfied with it. One day, I woke up in the middle of the night and I finally found the right lyrics and music. I finished the songs in two days with the help of my right-hand man Alex Crow (co-producer for the album). It’s now one of my favorite songs I did,” says Joffrey.

“I stopped trying to make more commercial music and I decided to create something only for myself. It was really important for me that this album was all about everything that inspires me on a day to day basis, while still making sense after many listenings. It was a huge challenge and it took me 5 years to complete the album, but I am very proud of it,” he adds.

To clearly understand what Frigid is all about, it’s better to catch one of his live performances where he totally immerses himself into his alter-ego.  You will be able to see him perform at the next edition of FIERTÉ MONTREAL on August 16th at 8pm at Parc des Faubourg (free admission), as a part of the Supernovas performance.


    Photo Credits
Art Direction Jocelyn Leduc
Photography Jean-Sébastien Senécal
Hair M De Latour using Shu Uemura Art of Hair
Make-up Frigid


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