banner-km-elevenKate Moss lands second fashion campaign along with Wiz Khalifa for Paris label Eleven Paris shot by none other than Terry Richardson.

Supermodel Kate Moss and Rapper Wiz Khalifa (Cameron Jilbril Thomaz) have partnered up for a new campaign for Parisian label Eleven Paris being shown photographed posing in their favorite pieces from the collection. Oriel Bensimhon and Dan Cohen (co-founders of Eleven Paris) chose Kate Moss and Wiz Khalifa, two individuals who seem to have nothing in common to front the new campaign for their “indolence, hedonism, and naturally grunge attitude” and believes that they too recognizes themselves in the new collection.

Terry Richardson, a photographer known for his notorious reputation brought on by a string of sexual assault scandals was selected by the brand to photograph the campaign. The explanation Dan Cohen (co-founder of Eleven Paris) gave for why the brand handpicked the photographer was because they believe that Richardson has the gift of capturing the rebel spirit without taking things too seriously.  Eleven Paris is a well-known popular clothing line in Europe and with the possibility of launching in the States; the brand’s new campaign may have created a brand appeal based on these effortlessly cool campaign photographs.

Photos by Terry Richardson