moss-bannerCelebrating the supermodel’s 25th year in the modelling industry, London’s Mayfair restaurant 34 has created a champagne coupe cast from the model’s left breast.

Before the invention of the champagne flute, there was the existence of the champagne coupe, and according to a rumoured historical legend, France’s very own Marie Antoinette, or rather her left breast was the inspiration for the first champagne coupe that was made in the 18th century which turned out to be porcelain bowls which she used as a milk vessel.

In 2008, Dom Perignon designed a glass modelled after Claudia Schiffer’s bosom and the infamy continues on with the numerous women in history few of which mentioned were Madam du Pompadour, Madame du Barry, and Empress Josephine. With its rounded design and petite size, the champagne coupe is the preferred glassware of choice, however, the bottom line is the exterior shape of a glass should pale in comparison with the contents being poured inside.  “I was excited to participate in this project, what an honour to be alongside Marie Antoinette – she was a very intriguing and mischievous character,” said Moss. “Champagne is always associated with celebration and happy occasions and I had fun creating this beautiful coupe.”

The Moss inspired breast-shaped glassware will be launched in October at the May restaurant 34, as well as the Ivy, Daphne’s, and Scott’s.

What are your thoughts on this concept?