Forget Paris and Milan, the most buzzed about city for everything fashion these days is definitely Los Angeles.


When Tom Ford decided to present his Fall 2015 collection in Los Angeles, during London Fashion Week no less, people started to talk about the city as the new  fashion mecca. And it appears they might be right! Just think about it, there are more and more designers flocking to Los Angeles to present over-the-top fashion shows. This is great exposure, since many celebrities and high-profile people live and work in the city.

Rather than having Anne Wintour and co. at your fashion show, you end up with socialites and big names such as Beyonce, Scarlett Johansson, and Miley Cyrus. The kind of celebrities that make the press run and usually have the money to buy the clothes presented.

Ford perfectly summed it up in an interview with the Los Angeles Time: “A fashion editor looks at a piece of clothing thinking, ‘Will this inspire that story I’m about to do, how’s it going to look on a page, and is the editor-in-chief of the magazine going to like it?'” Ford says. “This audience is looking and thinking, ‘Do I want to wear that?’ That’s different.”



If you are a designer that has to struggle with a crazy schedule, a sh*t load of stress, and even money issues, you would definitely prefer to present your newest collection to a public that will actually care. Sometimes, it appears that many fashion week goers  get overwhelmed by the multitude of shows happening, and are focused on getting their picture taken by street style photographers rather than the shows and collections themselves. In the end, presenting your collections in a fresh city away from fashion week’s hectic schedule appears to be a bold yet logical choice for a designer.



Another reason that might explain a migration toward the West is the fun factor. With the economic situation in North America, people want more than ever to enjoy themselves. If a famous designer is throwing a big party to celebrate their new collection, everybody will want to be there!

Let’s take Stella McCartney’s Fall 2016 collection for example. The designer, who presents her main collections in Paris, decided to stage her show at Hollywood’s iconic Amoeba Music store. Models were dancing between rows, A-List celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Katy Perry, and Lily-Rose Depp were seen having a blast. Even Brian Wislon (The Beach Boys) offered a live performance for the crowd.

“We’d always wanted to have a party in LA and it just really felt like the right time,” McCartney said. “I have so many close friends here and I spend a lot of time here and it just feels like a moment when music, film, fashion, the arts, it’s all just come together for LA.” Let’s not forget the fact that presenting a fashion show in Hollywood off fashion week is also a smart way of making sure people see your creations right before an important award show!



Last but not least, it might just be that L.A. has always appeared to be a wonderland where everything and everyone is more relaxed and laid back, something that the fashion industry might be desperately craving. What do you think?






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