It’s that time of the year again, when Montrealers can drink wine while tasting amazing food before lunchtime.

For its 9th edition, La Fête des Vins du Québec has decided to present a new concept to catch the attention of every wine lover.  Under the theme of women and wine, more than 40 local producers will showcase their products to the public. The event will be the perfect occasion to discover personalities of the wine and food industry, teamed up together to create pairings so exquisite that your taste buds will go crazy:

– Helena Loureiro (Portus Calle, Helena)  and Anne-Marie Lemire (Domaine Les Bromes)
– Emma Cardarelli (Nora Gray) and Nicole Du Temple, Laurie et Sarah Du Temple-Quirion (Domaine St-Jacques)
– Marie-Chantal Lepage (Espace MC Chef) and  Jackie Gilbert-Beaudoin (Isle de Bacchus) and Nathalie Lane (Sainte-Pétronille);
– Anne Desjardins (Coupole, Crystal Hôtel et Spa) and Carole Desrochers (Négondos, vignoble biologique)
– Marie-Fleur St-Pierre (Tapeo, Mèson) and Christiane St-Onge (Côte de Vaudreuil).

The committee in charge is all about making sure that these women get all the attention they deserve, from vineyard owners to sommeliers. Even thought the programmation can appear intimidating for the uninitiated, it is actually the perfect occasion to take some of the courses being offered. We bet you will propose yourself to be in charge of choosing the wine at your friend’s next dinner!

La Fête des Vins du Québec: Marché Bonsecours November 28th to 30th 2014



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