The French athletic brand partners with the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) for the second year in a row.

The iconic crocodile is stepping aside for a limited time, making way for some of the world’s most threatened species to claim the spotlight one of the world’s most beloved polos. Lacoste has just announced the second annual IUCN collaboration to help fight the extinction crisis by creation 10 limited edition polos. The number of polos produced in each series corresponds to the remaining population size for that animal in the wild. This is a part of a three-year campaign between the two parties to raise awareness and support conservation action.

This past week, select stores around the world celebrated International Day for Biological Diversity, shedding light on a specific species. This year, Lacoste has chosen to place the spotlight on the Iberian Lynx, the Yemen Mouse-Tailed Bat, the Opal Goodeid, the Northern Hairy-Nosed Wombat, the Mountain Chicken, the Addax, the Cebu Damselfly, the North American Right Whale, the Moheli Scops Owl, and the Hawaiian Monk Seal. These species have wild populations of less than 1,400 specimen.

The animals represented in this collection are chosen by Lacoste and the IUCN. Since there are only enough polos to coincide with the remaining total population (3,520), this is an extremely exclusive edition of the polo.

The IUCN has been the global authority on the status of the natural world and a leader in safeguarding the environment. Through partnerships like this one, the organization is coordinating international projects to ensure the long-term survival of threatened species, their habitats, the ecosystem, and people who depend on them.

The shirts retail for $195 and can be purchased on