To commemorate the 100thanniversary of the first ever cruise collection, Karl Lagerfeld is taking us on a very Romanesque journey. Gabrielle Chanel was the first designer to propose a mid-season collection back in 1919, her cruise collection was inspired by a reflection of her own lifestyle, her taste for the seaside, and holidays with friends. La Pausa, named after her vacation residence, was this grandiose ship, that served as the conceptual runway and where 700 guests cruised in the magic of the night.

The CHANEL House put considerable effort into making a memorable experience.  It took about two weeks of hard work to build La Pausa. The immersive experience and decor took us to another dimension when guests were invited aboard after the show for a modern Gatsby evening, where we danced, ate, and drank alongside talents including Margot Robbie, Kristen Stewart, Mette Towley, Anastasia Shevtsova, Neils Sheinder, and Lily Rose Depp, to name a few.



This is an important collection for the house that has become the pinnacle of fashion; it was a fresh wind of modern energy. The strength of this collection made it obvious that over all these years and seasons, CHANEL is unparalleled. Every single look was so beautifully done and from its harmony radiated a total control of the Code of the House that made the CHANEL look shine with an elegant simplicity in every one of the 88 looks.

It’s a vibrant, modern, joyful, unpretentious and classic collection all at once. From bright candy colors, shining fabric, two-piece sets, classic cuts worn casually (all of the looks were presented with flat shoes) and looks that can easily transit from day to night. Part of this Joie de Vivre feeling emanated from how inclusive and how pleasure-oriented the spirit of this collection was. CHANEL is definitely a multi-generation brand and wearing CHANEL is a participative experience that will add a new dimension to your journey.

All these unique pieces deserve all the media attention they command but they are only a part of the ceremony. Despite the glamour and luxury surrounding this event, I was profoundly touched by all the attention on art and culture.

Karl Lagerfeld designs much more than our clothes; he sometime designs our nights, and a little bit of our lives too.

Having the privilege of being among the guests was a great honor. CHANEL has created and supported the industry – you will tell me that it is not CHANEL who invented fashion, but it’s still one of the most influential fashion houses and the secret of their success might partly reside in their authenticity and their love for art.

To sell the clothes, it is not necessary to hold the show in the Grand Palais, nor is it necessary to create emotion by staging a ship with two steam chimneys, or a masterful soundscape, or hand-written invitations for each of the guests. CHANEL always captures the essence of time and presents the runway with the new muse of the moment.

During this magic night, we cruise with a mix of new and elite musicians, dancers, actresses, artists, and personalities. CHANEL spends a lot of resources creating moments of magic and pure fantasy, and through this effervescence, it supports a strong and diversified cultural life that adds to the experience of living.