Okay, we all love our mom, but sometimes, we are simply missing time to buy her the present she truly deserves on Mother’s Day. Which means that almost every year, she ends up with a gift that kind of misses the mark. Well, not anymore! The following ideas are sure to brighten up any mom’s special day.


MFLEURS is Montreal’s original luxury rose box designer, where they have reinvented the standard bouquet of roses by providing their clientele with the freshest of roses, displayed in beautifully crafted ornate boxes, where buyers can personalize their orders, choosing from a wide variety of rose and box designs available. Like it wasn’t already enough cool as it is, they bring the concept further by having their own coffee shop- Rose Café- inside the Atelier. For Mother’s Day, they are offering a special Velveteen Collection, turning their flower boxes into the ultimate gift for the sophisticated but yet romantic mom out there.


Tiffany & Co.

Sometimes, nothing says I love you better than diamonds, especially if they are from Tiffany’s!  Speaking of the famous jeweller, Tiffany’s just unveiled chief artistic officer Reed Krakoff’s first jewelry collection, Tiffany Paper Flowers, in select stores and invited guests to see the collection. “Paper Flowers is about stripping away all of the rules associated with fine jewelry,” Krakoff said in a statement. “Luxury shouldn’t always mean formality, so we used precious stones and the finest materials, but in a way that you can live with every day.” We are sure mom can’t help but agree on that one!




Converse X Miley Cyrus

Your mom doesn’t have to be a fan of the pop singer to appreciate the girly designs she created for the legendary sneakers brand. The new range is a true reflection of her personal style and influences, where Miley tapped into her persona as a performer, as well as her eclectic day-to-day style, with the creation of a full lifestyle collection. Converse celebrates Miley’s free spirit and her unique pursuit of self-expression and self-empowerment for all. Miley has this to say about her reason for teaming up with the brand


Suscription at Dress To Kill and DTK MEN

Because you would hate for your mom misses an issue of her favorite magazine 😉 All the details here!