Half price, whole flavors


Celebrating its 6th anniversary this year, LECHOP is back to bring delicious menu options for the foodies out there, while raising money for Share The Warmth . The foundation made its mission to distribute food to 20 schools in Montreal and feeding almost 1700 kids every week. For every meal sold during the event at one of the three restaurants participating -Decca77, L’Atelier d’Argentine et Wienstein & Gavino’s- $2.50 will be given back to Share The Warmth.


It’s the perfect occasion to enjoy a gastronomic meal without breaking the bank, along with giving back to the next generation. So get out, feast on and removes the barriers that stand between a child and the food he needs to go along with his day!

L’Atelier d’Argentine

Decca 77

Wienstein & Gavino’s

From January 2 to February 28 2018 (except on Valentine’s Day)



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