Your Instagram’s fashion dream is about to get real!


There is a part of downtown Montreal that I try to skip as much as possible, mostly cause it looks like a no man’s land between two metro stations. The place is not dangerous, but there is simply nothing really going on down there. It was until I put my preconceived ideas aside to attend the re-opening of Le Manoir. Going to the event thinking that Ì will get my nails done before going back home to hide under a mountain of blankets, I ended up shopping my life away between two racks of the trendiest clothes you can imagine! You know, the ones you screen cap on your phone after a massive session of Instagram #fomo?



Founded 4 years ago by Émilie Sanscartier – only 22 years old at the time – Le Manoir is a concept store where you can shop the latest designs from trendy brands such as Jérôme Bocchio, Cluse and Atelier SYP. You don’t even have to worry about all your friends wearing the same outfit as you, since most of the items you will find there are exclusive collaborations between the designers and Le Manoir. Every piece of clothing is carefully selected for you by Maude Boisjoly – stylist and buyer for the boutique – and you know you can trust her good taste to pick what will be all the rage in the near fashionable future.

-Le Manoir, 15 Rue Sainte-Catherine E, Montréal, QC H2X 1K3