Let’s revisite the nineties for a great cause!


A huge part of my job as a lifestyle editor is to put on fancy outfits to attend events and write about it. It’s always fun, but it doesn’t mean that I’m always excited at the prospect of going. On the other side, they are events that you want to rsvp to as soon as you receive the invite, especially when it is to raise awareness for a cause that is close to your heart.

It’s the case for the Goldeneye gala night organized by the Let’s Bond movement, who made it their mission to raise funds and awareness for mental health issues touching young professionals. This organisation is a collective of millenials who want to help those suffering from mental illness by promoting acceptance, organizing engaging events and by providing financial support to diverse foundations working within the field. As President Chris Harden explained – “By people accepting it for what it is, those suffering are more comfortable with seeking help, something that is difficult to do with this sort of disease”.




That is why this friday, over nine hundred young professionals -and yours truly- will dress up in their most glamourous outfits to travel back to the nineties delivering their best versions of “Siberian-chic” outfits in a true Goldeneye spirit. The night will take place at Salon 1861, which was originally a church built in 1861 and has been since turned into a space allowing businesses, community groups and local citizens to network. Guests will be treated to unique culinary experiences and a high-end premium bar, with a strong mixology game, all to the tunes of DJ Toddy Flores.

For more information regarding Let’s Bond, or, to make donations, please visit their website!





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