By Stéphane Le Duc

The centre of design at UQAM is giving place to fashion and the talent of Ying Gao. A true researcher, she opens us to the future, by bringing us into her innovative world. By using new materials and technologies like PVDF coated fabrics, super-organza, photo-luminescent thread, or by implementing electronic components, the designer is pushing the limits of creation, and offering a unique reflexion on fashion, society and it’s environment. The wonderful scenographer Georges Labrecque and commissioner Renée Baert worked together to bring value to the research projects of this designer. In this event, the world of graphic arts, architecture and poetics merge into a clear, distinct and captivating course. A must see, but hurry, the show ends on December 15th!

Créations vestimentaires de Ying Gao
Centre of design at UQAM
1440 rue Sanguinet