”L’Invitation au Voyage – Venice” is the second chapter in an intriguing and moving story from Louis Vuitton. Drama and fantasy come together to create tension in an allegory of travel, inviting those who see it to become master of their own destiny. A Venetian adventure has a surprise, both for its female protagonist, and its spectators. The story shifts from the first chapter’s journey through the air to travelling through time.

Source: Louis Vuitton

Film soundtrack
“I’d rather be high” by David Bowie, specially re-orchestrated for this campaign.

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DEI 440x285 B-CARA2 FR_a
DEI 440x285 B-BALL2 FR_a
DEI 440x285 B-EVOL2 FR_a
DEI 440x285 B-SINGER FR_a
DEI 440x285 B-VIV2 FR_a
DEI 440x285 B-JONQ2 FR_a

Revisited icons
Arizona Muse is carrying the Vivienne bag, from the Parnassea collection. Dressed out in black calf box leather and signed with golden LV initials, it is a symbol of Louis Vuitton’s exceptional savoir-faire. Arizona is also wearing a Monogram Idylle 3 gold necklace and a Lockit bracelet in pink gold.

David Bowie is wearing a Tambour Evolution watch, a new interpretation of Tambour with an audacious, urban and modern style.


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