Lips are the most vulnerable to drying in cold weather. The delicate skin contains less sebum glands and is much thinner than regular skin. Indoor heating, cold winds and the sun can speed up evaporation and create uncomfortably dry lips. On top of bad weather, licking your lips is a bad habit you should avoid at all costs; saliva wipes away protective lipids (and balms) away. If your lips are tight, chapped and red-this is a sign of extreme dehydration: make sure you drink lots of water to restore the hydration within the body, especially if you’re sick or you partied all night (alcool is dehydrating). Then, you can put on one of these balms, and we’ve rated each one from mild to intense depending on the severity of the dryness.

Light to moderate. We just love EOS' cute packaging, and the lip balm itself is all natural (with some bio ingredients as well) and it contains no petrolatum by-products. The olive oil and shea butter formula is light in texture and comes in a variety of flavours that will beat any cherry chap stick—and it lasts forever, even if you're an over-zealous re-applier.In most drugstores $3.99.

Light to moderate. Bioderma Atoderm Lips is a gloss type formula that is thin and comfortable, but we're pulling out the big guns: paraffin and mineral oil, with emollient rich avocado oil and shea butter to restore the lipidic barrier enabling your lips to restore themselves back to health, 15ml - $14, in most drugstores.

Moderate to very dry. Polysporin's new Visible Lip Health balms have the big guns too: petroleum and mineral oil with cocoa seed butter, but most importantly: Lanolin, which is the second ingredient of the Overnight Renewal Therapy (the day balm doesn't have any). Lanolin is a natural oil and is the only ingredient proven to repair lips and skin. Polysporin guarantees better lips in 3 days. Night Treatment 7.7g and Day Balm 10g, $5.99 each.

Very dry. Elizabeth Arden's ultra-rich 8 Hour Cream line has a Lip Treatment version of it's legendary cream for distressed lips or for extreme cold weather. Packed with high moisture ingredients such as castor oil, shea butter, and palm tree butter, to quench the driest lips. The formula also contains Lanolin which helps to repair lips. Eight Hour Cream® Elizabeth Arden Nourishing Lip Balm SPF 20 $23, and Intensive Lip Repair Balm $28.

EOS lipbalm
Bioderma Atoderm Lips
Polysporin's New Visible Lip Health
Elizabeth Arden's 8 hour cream - Intensive Lip repair