Flowers can not only brighten any room but they also bring joy to the people closest to you. A beautiful flower arrangement can communicate any emotion and feeling you wish to share. No wonder it is one of the most popular gift in the history of time!



The artists behind the arrangements respect the beauty and integrity of each flower. Passionate about the flowers, their smell, their beauty and their imperfections, they create compositions of fresh flowers for any occasion like weddings, events, or simply to garnish the counter of your kitchen. Nature has a way of affecting and elevating our environment and mood, that’s why PRUNE Les fleurs believes that flowers shouldn’t be reserved for rare occasions, but a stunning bouquet is always an amazing gift for Valentine’s Day.

By creating simple yet generously rich arrangements, the flowers look freshly picked and reveal their natural beauty. Nadine, the owner of PRUNE Les fleurs even does workshops (that take place in their Griffintown shop) where you can learn the basic techniques to create your own organic bouquet.



For additional information, please contact PRUNE Les fleurs at:


186 rue Peel, Griffintown, Montréal