It’s not a secret that we’re all huge fans of London Grammar at Dress To Kill. From Hannah Reid’s captivating voice to the perfect melodies created by Dan Rothman and Dominic “Dot” Major, there is something for everyone to enjoy in their music.

It’s hard to believe that almost two years ago, few people knew about them.  Since the release of their first album If You Wait, the three members of the band went from normal young adults to international stars.  Singles, such as: Wasting My Young Years and Hey Now reached the top of the charts in the blink of an eye. Fans of Florence+The Machine and The XX will appreciate their minimalist music and ethereal melodies, while others will simply fall in love with their unique sound. Their songs evolve around subjects like quarter-life crisis and heartbreaks, creating mixed feelings in the mind – and the heart- of every person listening to their music.

Critics have described their performance as being filled with “pure emotions” and vocals that are “simply amazing”. Luckily for you, they are coming to Montreal on January 23th at Club Soda (tickets here), which will give you the chance to discover them at their best. While waiting for this moment, you can listen to one of their biggest songs Strong.



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