banner-cklottieLottie Moss follows in the footsteps of supermodel elder sister Kate Moss by starring in a re-issue project which was the result of a collaboration between and Calvin Klein.

Photographer Michael Avedon’s camera shutter clicks on as Lottie Moss recreates elder sister, super model Kate Moss’s top iconic campaigns in collaboration with and Calvin Klein.  In the series of portraits which Lottie Moss is the main focus of, the CK logo is featured on all of Calvin Klein’s eight most iconic designs including the Brooke Shields high-waisted skinny jeans, denim jackets, t-shirts, sweatshirts and the Kate Moss boyfriend tapered jean. The series of photographs was the combined effort of the website and the all-american brand in the goal of bringing the iconic designs re-issued as limited editions.

Take a look at the campaign here:

All photos courtesy of Calvin Klein