When Louis Vuitton allocated the Louvre as their Fall/Winter 19 show location, images of grandeur art and aristocratic interiors came to mind. However, Creative Director Nicholas Ghesquire transformed the space into another museum altogether. For their latest PFW spectacle, the French house built a set imitating the infamous Parisian architecture museum, the Pompidou.

The Pompidou is notorious for its large, tubular exterior that displays a chromatic version of a metropolitan building’s functional intricacies. The museum’s design aims to bring utility to the forefront, contrasting with the majestic architecture which is characteristic of the city. Each tube has a purpose and is in use. The center prompts a captivating dialogue between a historic Paris neighbourhood and this newer construction.

As a set, it made for an exciting atmosphere. The audience sat on two metal bleachers, with two triangular structures in the middle, reserved for Instagram and Hollywood elite. The Pompidou was created as a backdrop representing the clash between the old and the new; the exact principle on which Ghesquire built the collection.

The models stormed out of a massive blue tunnel onto an elevated platform walking the perimeter, fiercely to heavy beats overlaid with spoken words. They adorned a wardrobe reminiscent of the 80s: perms, structured shoulders, loud prints. Entirely maximalist, the collection was riddled with cultural references that unite youthfulness with wit and intelligence.

The looks were consistent in silhouette, accentuating a hour glass figure with cinched waists, broad shoulders, and skirts galore. Hemlines sat above the knee, in classic French-girl fashion, each look was paired with a thick black tight for optimal chicness. LV’s It Girls exuded the epitome of cool, accessorized in dark shades, leather caps, and staple bags. Plus, this season was walked exclusively in flats. Reverting back to oxfords, biker boots, and loafers, the sneaker has disappeared from the style repitoire, making way for a polished look head to toe. Presented in a variety of colours and detailing, the footwear range is poised to be a coveted part of this seasons collection.

Overall, seeing Paris as a centrifuge for what has been made and what is to come, Ghesquire successfully transposed the sartorial melting pot of Paris into the LV wardrobe. Converging structure with fluidity and functionality with fantasy, the collection was an expression of the colour, emotion and power that’s characteristically unique to this epicentre of culture.