Bringing back the golden era of travel


Anyone can book a hotel room and a rental car, but it can get a little bit more tricky when it’s time to find ideas to experience to most authentic and magical trip ever. That is when a travel agency like Luxury Gold comes in handy. More than your typical agency, they turn your vacations into an unforgettable  trip where you can meet extraordinary people and visit iconic sites.

“We explore distinctive destinations in exquisite luxury, via planes, trains, safari-mobiles, uniquely designed luxury coaches, private yachts and boutique river cruises, taking our guests on a journey beyond the ordinary. There are 55 journeys in our exceptional collection, and each one features extraordinary VIP experiences, from meeting legendary locals, to visiting iconic sites when not open to the public. We have thoughtfully selected exceptional dining options, from critically acclaimed restaurants to local, home-hosted meals, which offer a diversity of memorable ways to dine.” explains Brad Ford, president at Luxury Gold Canada.

Acting has your own private concierge, they arrange for you a diversity of memorable ways to dine, from critically acclaimed restaurants to local, home-hosted meals. With their local experience and contacts, they are capable of taking many problems off your shoulders and allowing you to travel carefree, without wasting time, money and energy.

“Luxury travel, at its best, elevates all of the thrilling sensations that come with discovery and exploration, and is designed to eliminate the stresses and apprehension often inherent of travelling in today’s world. Focusing on the very best of local, unique and experiential, and expertly nuanced for relaxation and comfort, luxury travel is tailored to the highest standards, layering together all of the ingredients of a dream holiday.” adds Brad.



Taking a sustainable take on luxury travel, they also created The TreadRight Foundation, a not-for-profit working to help safeguard the planet, wildlife & people for generations to come. Its guiding principle is to encourage sustainable tourism through conservation, leadership and support for communities.

Acting as an ambassador for TreadRight, they can count on the expertise of Céline Cousteau. Granddaughter of ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau, Céline has carried on a tradition of exploration and conservation.

“We all have a role to play in conserving our environment; after all, we want future generations to have the opportunity to experience the diverse and inspiring people, cultures and places this world offers. Together with TreadRight, I am working to support the organizations looking to make this a reality. To date, TreadRight has assisted more than 35 projects, and the future is looking even brighter with many more on the horizon. This year our partnership reached another level with two new initiatives: The TreadRight Heritage Initiative, which is about empowering individuals by supporting their artisanal heritage; and The TreadRight Wildlife Initiative, which is focused on tackling the global issue of wildlife poaching and crime. I know that together we can make a big difference.” she explains.



But as any luxury travel advisors, Luxury  Gold doesn’t only book clients’ travel- they also suggest exciting new destinations that travelers should consider. When we ask them which destination we should look into for our next trip, their reply is quick.

“South Africa. Cape Town is a vibrant city with a world class food, wine, culture and art scene, and it just happens to be situated on one of the continent’s most beautiful coastlines. Our journeys there stay at the stunning 5-star Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa, where you are never far from spectacular boutique wineries, and guests enjoy magnificent game viewing from their luxury safari lodges. Our 9-day Spectacular South Africa is the perfect combination of the must-see highlights.” concludes Brad.