His work has been splashed all over publications worldwide. Jumping from set to set in the most exotic locations, I sit down with the glam go-to, Georgi Sandev, to find out how his career got started and some of his Spring/Summer ’19 beauty predictions.



Scroll through Georgi’s Instagram, and you’ll be whipped away to a behind-the-scenes on a remote island where he preps a top model for her closeup. Tune back in that same evening to see him on a plane rushing off to glam duty for a celeb hitting the red carpet; the jet-set life seems to never stop for Georgi.

His involvement with makeup began through his favourite hobby at the time, ballroom dancing. At the age of 16, he recalls “helping my dance partner with her makeup, and I guess I was doing a good job because soon, other couples from my dance studio started asking me for help.” Despite his natural ability, he never considered doing makeup, as “I was brought up in a very academic family and art was never considered an ‘actual job.’”



With a clear vision of his future and his biggest inspiration being Vogue Paris, he had made up his mind to leave his home country of Bulgaria. “For a global career, I asked various colleagues with much more experience than me and everyone had the same answer: ‘If you want to work in fashion right now, go to New York.’” After a difficult first year in the city, he met Frances Hathaway, who took him under her wing as an assistant, and “that’s when things got really exciting.”



Today, with his assistant years behind him, he assured me that his career has’n’t been all roses, but he “always tries to look for alternatives, stay positive, and keep working.” From working with top models like Martha Hunt, Candice Swanepoel, and Anja Rubik to celebrities like Anne Hathaway and Priyanaka Chopra Jonas (just to name a very few), it’s not hard to believe that the most interesting aspect of this job is “meeting different people from different walks of life all with amazing stories and experiences that help me broaden my own perspective.” Some of his most memorable moments, he explains are the “many of the Vogue covers” he has worked on and “working on talent for the Oscars.” His work most definitely keeps him on his toes, however, and on his down time he likes “to spend time at home, see friends for a meal or drinks, watch movies, [or] lay on the beach in Mexico.”



Speaking with such an expert, I naturally had to ask for some makeup secrets and insights into the 2019 trends.

What are some of your secrets for everyday makeup?

Less is more!

First of all, it’s time-saving, and second, I’ve always found beauty to be a gentle and subtle enhancement, rather than a means to create a completely new face (unless you’re getting into character for the fun of it or that is your profession). There is a lot of pressure nowadays by everything seen in media (social, TV, print, etc.).

I think a lot of women today simply underestimate how good they naturally look!


What do you consider a big makeup faux pas?

Trying new makeup in poor lighting – you have to see it on yourself in daylight. So, next time after the charming sales consultant convinces you to buy that new foundation colour because it makes you look “bronzed and healthy” make sure you check a mirror when you step outside so you avoid going to work, looking not quite like yourself (to say the least).


Hottest makeup trends for Spring/Summer 2019?

Don’t be afraid of a bright colour pop on the eye this season: blue, green, fuchsia pink, or orange were seen all over the catwalks for spring. Or, designers opted for a glitter accent making the eyes sparkle. One thing that I did see in every show, was that the skin is kept really clean and fresh.


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