If you’ve ever wondered how Marc Cain’s statement prints are made, prepare to be enlightened.


It’s no secret that technology is the future of fashion with GIF dresses at VFiles, smart bracelets at Tome, and notification bracelets at Rebecca Minkoff. What you don’t know is that Marc Cain has been a leader in the tech movement since the 1970s, as pioneer of the first automated knitting machines at their headquarters in Germany. Through time, their brand’s signature has become their 3D knit & wear made in Germany, with yarn sourced directly from Italy and Germany, innovative machines used to knit their pullovers in one easy step, and a special inkjet method for printing their designs. The entire process avoids having to send the merchandise to sewing factories, thus saving time and energy, and of course, our environment.



Their Spring/Summer 2017 show, presented on June 28th during Berlin Fashion Week, featured designs that use this technology, which has become a part of the brand’s identity fabric. I know what you’re thinking. Winter is on its way and I can hardly even contemplate my spring wardrobe. Well, let’s look at the glass half-full. With the release of Sweet & Tender and the projected release of Fruit Cocktail, Wild Life, and Stripes & Cats in the upcoming months, it’s time to start window-shopping for your inevitable next trip abroad. As the weather begins to cool and the snow starts to fall, booking that trip to Cabo couldn’t be more desirable. With soft, flowy materials in feminine pastels, striking florals that use their innovative technology, and deconstructed pieces in creamy hues, Sweet & Tender gently requests that you book that trip, and can you really resist?

Sweet & Tender begins shipping on December 1st . Check out the full collection here.


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