On the surface, she’s a bubbly Quebec TV star with an infectious laugh and the most enviable ombré hair in the city. At her core, she’s still a vulnerable girl from Rivière-du-Loup dealing with insecurities and internal struggles. Raw, unfiltered, and fiercely real, Maripier Morin opened up about turning 30, her no-nonsense attitude towards social media, and her addiction to cooking shows (no cooking skills required).

By Belinda Anidjar
Photographer Nelson Simoneau
Creative Director Sylvain Blais
Fashion Editor Fritz

She may have achieved celebrity status as host of her own talk show, brand ambassador for Revlon, star of Hockey Wives, and mentor on The Voice Junior, but Maripier welcomes me into her home like an old friend, wearing leggings, an oversized sweater, and the clean face of a down-to-earth girl just hanging out in her condo. While she finishes up a phone conversation with her dad, I scan the minimalist Zen décor that seems to counter her vibrant on-screen persona. One thing they have in common: The space is open and inviting, a reflection of her unfiltered and approachable character. As soon as her attention is on me, we launch straight into girl talk. She just received a funny video from fiancé and star hockey player Brandon Prust, and she’s just your average girl coping with the challenges of a long-distance relationship.

When you don’t have that physical connection, it makes everything so much harder. The whole New York thing was good for two years, but last year, Vancouver was a nightmare! Then this year, my schedule is so intense and I’m the one who has to commute and travel because he can’t leave. Sometimes we can go for two months without seeing each other, which makes no sense.

I can imagine! You have so much going on. But it’s fun! I never want to complain because I feel so blessed and lucky. You never know when it’s going to stop.

How do you stay motivated? It’s really easy for me to stay motivated because I’m so passionate about what I do. You know how when you’re a kid, and you have an activity at school –  like a special day – you’re so pumped to go? Well, that’s how I feel. Each show has something so special about it and I was so pumped just to have a talk show. It’s easy to stay passionate and motivated about something that evolves every day.


With such a hectic schedule, what do you do for down time? Sleep. I was literally passed out five minutes before you rang! [Laughs] I’m the biggest napper. We just finished shooting a show in New York and the team that I was working with was like, we should have documented all the fun, weird, funny places you slept. On a stool, at a jazz bar while the band was playing. I sleep everywhere! I slept at a counter at the Natural History Museum. [Laughs]

You must have a very irregular schedule. In my life right now, the priorities are so messed up because work takes so much time, and as soon as I have two days, I travel to see Brandon. I felt so bad for a long time. I was like, “I’m such a bad friend.” I kept apologizing. But this summer, turning 30 changed my whole perspective on life. You can’t be perfect everywhere and you can’t spend your whole life apologizing for things. I decided to have the career that I have and I’m committed to it and my friends know it. It doesn’t make me a bad person because I want to work this much and I have the opportunity to do it.


I wanted to talk a little bit about social media. When you started out, social media wasn’t such a big thing, but today, there’s so much pressure to stay up-to-date and constantly post something that looks good. Do you think that social media makes it easier or harder to break into the entertainment industry? When I do a show — it could be Maripier! or The Voice —you have direct conversations with people. That’s amazing. I love that about Twitter.

It took a long time before I gave in on Instagram. I didn’t like it. I saw all my friends doing it and I was like, I don’t know. I can’t take good pictures, so I don’t deserve to be on there. [Laughs]

If I post something with my friends, there’s no filter. I don’t have an app to retouch the photos, so if I have a zit, the zit’s going to be in the photo. I posted photos of myself when I had adult acne last year. I’ve never been ashamed of what I look like naturally. Obviously, I’m the face of Revlon, so I use makeup. I like using makeup to enhance natural beauty and give me a little boost of self-confidence. For me, Instagram literally launched my career in the English market, but you have to be very careful with it, especially doing [television shows like] Code F. and The Voice Kids. Kids are looking up to me and I don’t want them to think that my life is inaccessible or that I’m constantly perfect.


There is a little bit of strategizing. There are things that are calculated, but for me it’s really 50/50. That’s one of the reasons I launched my YouTube channel [Pardon My French]: To show that, yes, there’s this girl that takes good photos when there’s an amazing team behind her, but when she’s by herself, and she’s trying to do her makeup, she’s just like you or your friend.

As a Canadian publication, we love promoting home-grown talent. We just did a feature on Greta Constantine and we’ve covered many other designers as well. As a fashion lover, who are some of your favourite Canadian designers? I’m literally in love with UNTTLD!  I recently wore this kimono suit for the Canadian Fashion Awards that was made by UNTTLD – It was all beads; there were super long pants; and a kimono top. It was just gorgeous. The fabric was heavy, so the waist was super-tight. I couldn’t really sit, but it looked so good! [Laughs] That’s the thing about fashion: Sometimes it’s not comfortable, but it looks so amazing and [the designers are] so talented. I love Denis Gagnon. Travis Taddeo is brilliant. I love what Greta Constantine does. Marie Saint Pierre – My mom is obsessed with her. Even Mackage – they’re more mainstream, but they’re doing such a good job.


As someone who grew up in this terribly cold country, you know that one of our biggest struggles is staying fashionable when it’s -20ºC. How do you stay stylish during parka season? I do not care! I’m one of those people that turns into a Michelin character. [Laughs] I have a really nice parka that I actually got from Mackage two years ago and my big UGG boots – not the slipper ones, the real rubber ones. Sometimes I see these girls walking around in high heels and short jackets. I understand what you’re doing in the name of fashion, but in the name of your health, go put boots and a parka on, please! [Laughs]

Since this is our luxury issue, I wanted to talk about your biggest indulgences. Ready? Sure.

Beauty Product? For makeup, I’m super-lucky because Revlon supplies me with everything I need, but [when it comes to] face creams and face sprays, I’m an absolute maniac. I hear about this new magical cream and I’m like, “Oh my God, I need it!”


Designer item? I have very bad mental issues when it comes to purses. I read somewhere – which was very bad for my bank account – that designer purses are better than gold, so if you have to invest in either, you better buy designer purses. So I started buying a lot of them. [Laughs] Saint Laurent and Gucci are my favourites.

Snack food? Ketchup chips. I’m out of control. If there’s a family bag of ketchup chips, I eat the whole thing. Then I feel sick. I call my mom and she’s like, “ketchup chips again?!”


Luxury travel destination? I would love to go to Bali, Indonesia. That would be my ultimate goal. If my boyfriend and I ever get married, I think our honeymoon would be in Indonesia. There are so many places… I have Sri Lanka in my head. I saw a picture of a pink beach and it looked so unreal and so calm – and not too touristy – so I would love to go there.

TV show? 99% of the time I watch the food network. I can watch a good 12 hours straight of Chopped. I was a massive fan of Gossip Girl. I watched [the entire series] twice. That, and Entourage. Besides that, it’s all cooking, and I can’t cook! Have you seen that sign that reads: “I only have a kitchen because it came with the house”? Brandon got it for me. [Laughs]

Do you have a New Year’s resolution? Like everybody else, I never keep them! I really have to kick my butt and go to the gym. Hopefully in January I’m going to have a personal trainer and go two or three times a week because I’m 30 now and I have to keep everything in place before gravity hits!

Photography Nelson Simoneau. Art Director Sylvain Blais. Fashion Editor Fritz at Judy Inc. Makeup and hair Nicolas Blanchet at FOLIO using REVLON and TRESemmé. Nails Tamara Di lullo at FOLIO using CND VINYLUX Dark Dahlia. Photography Assistants Martin Reis and Stéphane Losc. Special thanks to ENGEL & VÖLKERS for the location.

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