Because few venues match the undivided attention offered by the red carpet.


Remember back in the old age of cinema, when the Red Carpet used to be the exclusive place for Hollywood A-lister’s to walk and talk? It was, at the time, a prestigious event that was mostly used by studios to help build the buzz for their future box-office success.

Formerly reserved for Hollywood’s elite, the red carpet has been a Hollywood stapple since 1922, when Sid Grauman hosted the premiere of Robin Hood at his Egyptian Theater. Today, it is synonymous with the Academy Awards, and the parade of stars outside the theater. More than just a runway, the red carpet has become a lucrative market, with luxury brands paying millions of dollars to have celebritie promothing their clothes, jewelry, makeup, and shoes to millions of viewers.





Moët and The Golden Globes

Last year, Moët & Chandon served over 1,500 Minis on the red carpet of the Golden Globes and over 500 cocktails. During the ceremony, tables are set with magnums of  Grand Vintage 2008 and Rosé Impérial. This year, 125 cases of magnums were shipped to the awards venue, since The Champagne maker was also the official supplier for the after-parties, too. It was also the 27th year that Moët acted as official sponsor of the ceremony, playing an increasingly large role in the ceremony and its associated events during recent years.

Through the multiple photos popping on our Instagram feed that night, you could easily catch celebrities sipping from their mini bottle and clearly having a great time. This year’s cocktail, the Moët Belle, was created by actress Camilla Belle and plays homage to her Brazilian roots. Mostly inspired from a Caipirinha, it was composed of Cachaca, mango juice, ginger syrup, fresh lime juice and Moët Brut Impérial.



Tiffany’s and A-listers

The jewellery business on the red carpet is a complex one and actually represents a complicated world of styling negotiations and competitions between the brands. For the jewellery industry, the Red Carpet has become the biggest fight of the year.

Always ahead of the competition,Tiffany & Co. are often able to showcase brand new collections on the red carpet, meaning that the stars get to sample exclusive styles before they even hit the stores. As such, the brand has a stunning list of A-list names that they have worked with in the last year alone (everyone from Lady Gaga, to Natalie Portman, to Elle Fanning) as celebrities and their stylists know that if they choose Tiffany, they will likely be the first in the world to wear the brand’s most-wanted new pieces.



Christian Dior and the whole Hollywood

Dior is the one brand that dominates the red carpet year after year. A staple at Hollywood’s most glamorous events, Dior gowns have topped best-dressed lists at the Oscars, Golden Globes, Met Ball and Cannes Film Festival, not to mention countless parties.

At this point it feels like no award show would be complete without seeing Jennifer Lawrence and Charlize Theron (both faces of the brand) in Christian Dior. Meanwhile, fellow celebrities such as Bella Hadid, Rihanna and Emma Watson wore haute couture with aplomb.