Martin Juneau becomes the first Chef is North America to collaborate with Duval-Leroy


Well known in the city as Chef/owner at Pastaga and television personality, Martin Juneau never stops investigating new projects. As proof, he recently launched his own cuvée Champagne in collaboration with Duval-Leroy. Founded in 1859, Duval-Leroy has been under the direction of owner Carol Duval-Leroy since 1990, and she is one of the few women at the helm of a Champagne house.

Some would heavily brag about such a remarkable association, but Juneau, true to his reputation has one of the most humble Canadian chefs, prefers to acknowledge his new project with calm and humility.

“I  simply wanted to create a cuvee that I would want to drink myself first. I met Sandrine, the cellar master at Duval-Leroy, to discuss what I was enjoying in a champagne. She was quick to understand exactly what I had in mind and she selected different wines and vintages for me to  try. I finally went for a combination of 70% chardonnay and 30% Pinot Noir, mostly from the 2008 harvest. It was overall a rich and exalting experience.”


If some still associate champagne with special occasions, it is becoming more common for people to pop a bottle for the simple pleasure of making the ordinary a little bit more sparkly. After all, everyone should find a way to embrace the day-to-day moments. A vision that Juneau seems to share.

“For me, drinking champagne is linked to something festive. You drink it when you feel like celebrating, but it can also became the occasion!”

Champagne is known to be the most versatile wine for food (thanks to its high levels of acidity and a small amount of sugar) and as any good Chef, he knows exactly with what meal he would paired his own cuvée.

“I would paired this particular champagne with some withe fish like flétan or codfish, seved with a lemon butter sauce, green beans and buttered spinach. Just thinking about it makes me hungry!”


This special cuvée should be available for the Holidays at some selected SAQ.