Luma Grothe, the face of the iconic Olympéa, embodies a modern goddess at the pinnacle of her power, evoking strength, grace, intelligence and confidence.


A divine potion of addictive sensuality developed in collaboration by Loc Long and Juliette Karagueuzoglou, Olympéa Intense is a fusion of sublime notes of sensual salty-vanilla combined with deep amber. The balance of the unique accords of this powerful scent compose a genuine Paco Rabanne signature.


PACO RABANNE Olympéa Intense Eau de Parfum Spray ($125 – 80ml).


Q&A with Luma Grothe


How important is a signature fragrance in your beauty routine and is it an essential? I think it’s very important to have your signature fragrance, it’s just nice when someone smells that and thinks of you. I wear it every day, especially on dates. I think it shows a lot of your personality, what you like and who you are. Perfume has a big effect on self-confidence. I’m kind of mellow and sweet, like the fragrance, you know.

Do you recognize yourself being the Olympéa woman and would you say that you have a lot in common? Actually, I kind of changed a lot to be Olympea because she is this powerful woman with a sharp brain. She is super intelligent and extremely athletic. She is fearless and I felt that I wanted to be more like that, and show that I am like her by doing the things I want and by giving my ideas. So, I think now we have a lot in common, but before I didn’t.

Yes, sometimes it’s hard to work on yourself. Especially now, it’s very important as a woman to say our opinions and stand by them? Yes, about so many things too. I felt like women never have confidence in themselves because the society is so complicated and always expect us to be beautiful. But I think women are so smart and we are so passionate about so many things, so it is important to be confident in ourselves.



Olympéa is such an iconic and powerful woman and she obviously knows how to attract everyones attention. How do you make sure to always stand out in a crowd. Do you have a signature look? My signature is always the same, so I don’t know if fashion will make you stand out. We should always do the things we like and keep our personal style rather than following trends. Maybe wearing a lipstick you like or a piece of clothing can help you feel more confident, but I think it has more to do with being yourself, because at the end of the day, what is important is being confident of yourself.

Did the fashion and beauty industry find you or was it always a part of your life? Honestly, I never really knew I could be a model. So it kind of found me. I always thought I would go to school, study and have a career doing something else. So it was all of a sudden that I started all this and discovered there was a world of fashion out there that I had no idea existed. Maybe I still have no idea because I don’t follow trends. But now I definitely learned a few things on how to take care of my skin (use sunscreen, moisturizer and do the basic care).

Everyone wears perfume differently. Do you have specific spots where you always like to put your perfume? I think when you go on a date, you should always put some on the neck. I think the neck is one of the sexiest parts of the body.



Being the face of Olympea, do you have highlights from your journey or memorable moments that you lived whether it be travelling or meeting new people? Well, from day 1, I was super in love with this project. I couldn’t stop crying when I learned that I was chosen. It was so much fun filming the commercials and I was so happy to be there and the people were so nice. Since that day, I have new friends that are like brothers and sisters to me now because the team is always together, so every moment is so much fun. But maybe the biggest highlight was the launching of the perfume, giving interviews and making speeches, it was a very nice day.

You accomplished so much at a young age, do you still have big goals that you want to accomplish in fashion, beauty or in general? Yes, I think we never stop evolving. It’s never enough. I like to create powerful images like the one of Olympéa. I have plans in modelling and acting. My plans never come out the way I planned them. So maybe the less we plan, the better. I also love cinema so maybe directing in the future or creating something very artistic.