You have probably seen this beautiful 26 years old, as she seems to be the hype of everything cool these days. I had the pleasure of talking with the dancer at the CHANEL CRUISE SHOW. Born in Minnesota and now living in LA for four years, she has been dancing her whole life and is living out all her dreams.

How did you get started in dancing?

After college, on Super Bowl Sunday, I got a call for an audition.

Were you nervous about it?

I didn’t have the time to get nervous about it. I didn’t even have the time to think, and that’s when I got the job. When you are not thinking, and you are able to be yourself, it works out, and that worked out for me. Then this fall, I got to audition for a role in a music video with Rihanna; she shaves my head, and my life is changed.

I achieved so many dreams and goals I had set for myself. It’s really cool to look ahead and think there is more to do, there are more opportunities: keep dreaming, keep moving.

I always knew I would be a performer, but I didn’t know that dance would be the first kind of outlet for me to break into all the other things I wanted to do.

What do your parents do?

My dad is an inventor, like a mastermind. He thinks about things that fix things and makes things better, and my mom is an accountant. They are both creative in their own way.

You are at a CHANEL SHOW tonight – are you working with them?

I work with Chanel. I have danced at many of their events, and we actually just shot a new digital today for Gabrielle Chanel .It was really cool just to actually be there and working with them on my own for the first time.

What do you like about fashion?

I think that fashion is one of the most incredible ways to express yourself. I think we are always performing through fashion, through how we speak, and recognizing that you can use it in certain ways in your life to really make an impact. What’s really incredible about Chanel is that they do that with fashion all the time: re-imagine time and time again what is it to be a beautiful woman, what is it to be a stylish person. I think the woman that opened the show today (Adut Akech), she a vision, and I think that Chanel is so on trend. You can never say that they are not pushing boundaries, and that’s awesome.

Did you ever make it to Canada?

I have been to Toronto and had a great time. I took a really good cycling class, had really good ice cream. I think there is something about the cold and having to endure a long winter that makes the community of people really warmhearted.