Moncler’s Love Factory makes a huge statement at New York Fashion Week.

Moncler Grenoble’s latest show left all of its guests swooning – and no, not just because the clothes were that good. Entitled “Love Factory” and hailed as a celebration of love, the show took place on none other than February 14th. As spectators patiently waited for the show to begin, a lid on a giant heart-shaped chocolate box was ceremoniously lifted to unveil 25 couples surfacing one by one on hydraulic platforms.  Each couple – including a bride and groom – elegantly wore sportswear that portrayed different winter sports disciplines.

The collection gives a new face to the innovations in winter wear by reinterpreting retro elements from the 60s and 70s to feel unmistakably modern and fresh. Luxurious garments trimmed with Mongolian furs and sheepskins adorn some of the most interesting outerwear available while staying true to the efficiency of outdoor clothing. The wide selection of bubble jackets and fur accessories are a great way to decorate a bland winter season. The heartwarming presentation was capped off with couples embracing with a kiss – now that’s what we call a statement.