Over half a million people will descend upon Montreal’s Quartier des spectacles from August 19 to 24, for fashion, dance, music, and arts for the Montreal Fashion & Design Festival. The largest outdoor fashion festival in North America. 

By Lauren Walker-Lee

This annual celebration showcases urban lifestyle through eclectic mediums, multidisciplinary performances, runway presentations, live music, and the village de boutiques éphémères, giving festival-goers a chance to discover local designers as they experience FMD.

The festival celebrates independent designers alongside well known brands, established names and progressive newcomers, and both local and international figures. 

DTK contributing editor, CAFA award winner, and master thrifter Cary Tauben will stage a 30 one of a kind look fashion show in conjunction with Village des Valeurs. Promoting the idea of re-use in fashion, sustainability, and the celebration of personal style.

Panel discussion’s will hear from respected voices Christophe de Lataillade, creative director of Thierry Mugler perfumes, Michel Laprise, director at Cirque du Soleil, and Marie Wilkinson, design director at Cutler and Gross who will speak about their unconventional journeys. 

The Fashion & Design Festival celebrates creativity and diversity in the heart of downtown Montreal. This year the festival will see performances by STOik, DJ Poirier, and Danse Danse alongside the much loved Les Ballets Jazz de Montreal to name just a few.  

Every year, emerging artists, Canadian designers, retailers and international icons share their art and vision with the public. This year will be no exception and is expected to be the most thrilling festival to date.

For more information and a full schedule of events visit http://festivalmodedesign.com/en/