Get your tastebuds excited this winter!


French and Italian people wouldn’t dare enjoy the evening ritual of the apéro without a substantial cheese and meat platter – a tradition that is gaining more and more popularity across North America. Following the trend, L’Aubergiste, created by Max Rosselin from Food Trip, allows you to customize your own apéro platter from an impressive selection of local products. Once you are ready to order, you simply have to follow the steps to plan the delivery right at your door. You can invite some friends over to share with or simply change into a comfy evening gown, before opening a nice bottle of wine and enjoying the platter all for yourself. Whatever’s your style!



Boîte du Chef by Jerome Ferrer

Easy and fast to prepare, the concept created by Chef Jerome Ferrer gives you the opportunity to enjoy a restaurant-worthy meal for a work week, with five starters, five main courses, five garnishes, and a sweet treat, in the comfort of your own home. You simply follow the instructions on the package to heat the food, while saving time and trouble. Everything is prepared from local and fresh ingredients, before being vacuum packed, so you know the quality is there. Next time you feel like you won’t have enough time to cook yourself a proper meal, take your takeout obsession a step further and plan in advance a week of delicious deliveries.



This newcomer in Saint-Henri’s trendy neighbourhood made it his mission to excite your taste buds by offering fresh Italian baked goods. Everything you can taste at Rosetta – think pizzas, arancinis, cannolis and sandwiches – is freshly handmade everyday with a lot of love, following family recipes. They also have a killer of selection of homemade French pastries that will give life to every one of your Marie Antoinette fantasies!