bannerBow down to Queen Bey.

As Forbes’ releases their annual list of the world’s most powerful celebrities, Oprah Winfrey has been at the top of the list not once, but twice in 2011 and 2013. But this year, she dropped to number four and left room for her fellow a-list friends. As godmother of the cutest baby ever, Blue Ivy that is, Oprah can now say that Beyoncé has hit the top of the list with an estimated of $115 million last year.

I’ve decided to take the list to another level and let you all in on how I think Beyoncé deserves to be the #1 Most Powerful Celebrity. So here it goes :

#1 : She is a complete performer.


#2 : Crazy in Love is the best debut single in the past 10 years.

#3 : She is married to Jay-Z.


#4 : She is sexy in every shape, way and form without taking it too far.


#5 : She’s #Flawless.