Time to indulge in some self-love


It’s no secret that I’ve been an avid supporter of Alice Kass since its beginningSeriously, what’s not to like about a company that makes its mission of facilitating the online access to the best of high-end lingerie. From For Love and Lemons  to Bluebellayou can find the lacy item of your dreams in one click.

More than a place where you can make your credit card do some serious exercise, the Alice Kass website is also a dreamland of empowerment for any badass babe out there who lives following nothing but her own rules. On her blog, the owner Sabrina Cassis shares her thoughts on what it means to be a modern woman evolving in a world full of contradictions. As a part of her reflection, she started The Self-Love Project, aiming to encourage women into celebrating themselves as smart, powerful and sexual beings, without any shame or restrain. It feels good to read someone urging you to embrace the many layers of your personality and be proud of it.

In one of her posts she suggests that we say yes to the “selfie culture”, allowing us to show the world how good we feel about ourselves from time to time. In her own words, a selfie can also be “a testament to days you felt confident and beautiful”. That’s exactly what I did after finishing my read! I put on my favorite lace bra, touched up my make up and took a bunch of photos feeling like the most badass version of myself. I even posted the photo on my Instagram without thinking once about the reaction of others. And it felt amazing.

-Alice Kass is popping up at  Rockland Shopping Centre this Fall/Winter 2017 just in time for the holidays.

Same floor as Zara next to le Cabinet Ephemere 

From now until December

Monday 10-6pm
Tuesday 10-6pm
Wednesday 10-9pm
Thursday 10-9pm
Friday 10-9pm
Saturday 9-5pm
Sunday 10-5pm