The strong bond that appears sometimes between a designer and an actress-turned muse is a powerful one.


It is the kind of relationship that brings to life beautiful creations that still take our breath away many years later. We only have to think about Audrey Hepburn wearing that iconic long black cocktail dress by Givenchy in Breakfast at Tiffany’s to remind ourselves of the impact of such a creative collaboration. Here are our favourite muses of the last decades, and the fashion magicians who had the pleasure of dressing them.


Catherine Deneuve and Yves Saint Laurent


The relationship between the French designer and the famous actress is a decades-long friendship, based on a mutual admiration. Saint Laurent was the one who designed the costumes for one of Deneuve’s films, Belle de Jour, creating the iconic black and white dress with the Peter Pan collar for the occasion. It was the start of a wildly successful cinematic collaboration between two sensible souls, which included several films, such as La Chamade (1968) and The Hunger (1983).


Audrey Hepburn and Hubert de Givenchy


The first time Audrey Hepburn reached out to Hubert de Givenchy, he thought he was speaking to the legendary Katharine Hepburn. At the time, the young actress, and future star of Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961), was still a nobody in the big Hollywood universe, but she was in desperate need of a fabulous wardrobe for her next movie, Sabrina (1954). The connection between the two of them was immediate; thanks to the fantastic way Hepburn was giving life to every creation of the designer. Givenchy even once declared: “I always respected Audrey’s taste. She was not like other movie stars, in that she liked simplicity.”


Julianne Moore and Tom Ford


After directing her in the smash-hit movie A Single Man (2009), Tom Ford – fashion designer turned director became a real friend of the radiant actress. He describes Julianne Moore as fearless, magnetic, beautiful, elegant, smart, loyal and steadfast. She is a true star, one that projects an actual luminosity that is equally dazzling in life and on film. Ever since they met, Moore has been known for wearing Tom Ford, from the sequined navy dress at the Golden Globes, to the crimson plunging gown she wore to the BAFTA Awards in 2015. In addition to often being by his side and offering support to her talented friend, she was also part of his star-studded SS11 runway show. The actress was obviously in attendance at the designer’s big Los Angeles debut for his Fall 2015 collection.


Kristen Stewart and Karl Lagerfeld


Karl Lagerfeld was one of the first to see something special in the young actress, way beyond Kristen Stewart’s messy hair and frowned lips. Their first collaboration took place in 2013, for the Métiers d’Art Paris‐Dallas collection campaign, and the pair has since collaborated many times to bring to life the true spirit behind the fashion house Chanel. Speaking of the actress, Lagerfeld once declared: “She is a real personality. I don’t compare her to any other actress and she is really modern, whatever that means. And I think that she is perfect for the Chanel image of today.”



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