Rooftop season is almost over and you might feel as if there’s no reason to go outside anymore.  There’s no excuse to stay at home like a hermit in your grandmother’s sweater. That’s why I selected the best shows coming to Montreal this season.

Lily Allen – September 27th at the Metropolis

After being Karl Lagerfeld’s muse for Chanel and taking a hiatus from musical activities, the British pop singer is back with a new album called Sheezus. The subjects of the album include Allen’s body image issues, misogyny in the entertainment industry and some feuds she’s had with other female singers.

The Presets – October 30th at La Tulipe

The electronic music duo is famous for their sensational live sets and dynamic remixes. On the scene since 2003, they got their big shout out when the song Girl and the Sea – one of my personal favorites – was featured on the popular TV show The O.C. This October, the public can anticipate a great show from the Australian duo.

-The Pretty Reckless – November 1st at Olympia

Every time the lead singer of The Pretty Reckless performs with her band she makes sure to remind us that little Jenny Humphrey from Gossip Girl is long gone.

Music by The Pretty Reckless is a mix of hard rock and grunge, with a little touch of trashy and sexy. If their first album was a success, their second opus, Going To Hell, might be the one to give them the credibility they deserve. I don’t know if it is the “good girl gone bad” act of Miss Momsen portrays that works on me, but I certainly find their music entertaining.  I suggest you listen to “Heaven Knows” and “Fucked Up World” before heading to their show.

-London Grammar – November 18th at Club Soda

This new British electronic band seems to be the next thing to watch in the alternative scene. With only one album behind them, they already proved with their minimal rhythms and melancholic songs that they deserve the buzz surrounding them. Their show in Montreal is already sold out, something that comes as no surprise after listening to songs like “Strong” and “Hey Now”.

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