Whether you are there for a quick stop or a full week of fun -and maybe some wild nights- the City of Angels has definitely more than its share of hots spots to offer.



222 S Hope St


Downtown Los Angeles might be cool again, thanks to places like this very trendy contemporary restaurant.  With his open kitchen, on point design and eclectic menu, Otium (“leisure” in Latin) is LA’s most ambitious restaurant in years. Adjacent to The Broad – one of the city’s most important museums- this newcomer delivers homey dishes in an ambiance that wants to be both refined and laid back.


Ace Hotel

929 S Broadway


Located in the Broadway Historic Theatre District, the Ace Hotel belongs to the new generation of design boutique hotels, This one is run by the group that’s opened properties in New York, Portland, Seattle and Palm Springs. The rooms are trendy but minimalist, with a retro feel, and most of them include a kitchenette and a record player with a great selection of vinyls. If you visit, you most stop by their amazing rooftop offering one of the best views of the city and killer drinks.


By Chloe

2520 Glendale Blvd


This vegan restaurant is the second location to open under the same name, after the one in New York in early 2015. It’s a fast, casual vegan spot launched by celebrity chef Chloe Coscarelli, made famous by Food Network. You have to forget everything you think vegan dishes are about, because this place is about to become your go-to spot for uber creatives meals on the healthy side.



300 S Sante Fe Ave


It’s the new bar to discover –and be seen at- in the Arts District. Modelled after the interior of an old-school train car, you can fully appreciate the retro vibe once you step inside. Think dark brown leather boots and brass light fixtures in a  dark and cozy ambiance.  While the design is interesting, you mostly go there to enjoy one ore many of their craft cocktails, which are twists on the classics, made with unusual ingredients.


The Broad

221 S Grand Ave


This contemporary art museum, located downtown, is a most stop for every modern art lover. You go there to admire the work of Jeff Koons, Cindy Sherman or even Andy Warhol, and you make sure to take a peek at at their vault, which stores The Broad’s collection of more than 2,000 paintings, photos and sculptures. Admission is totally free but we suggest you reserve your place in advance since the popularity of the museum is growing quickly.


Everson Royce Bar

1936 E 7th St

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Most of the regulars who frequent it would be mad to know that their secret is out. It is the place where the locals and members of the restoration industry go to hangout and drink great beers, and you’ll want to go there too, to have a day or evening of fun on their stunning patio.