Marc Jacobs’ dog fills our hearts with happiness once again.

Earlier this month, it was announced that Marc by Marc Jacobs would be no more. The iconic line was deeply loved by millennials and many other demographics. It was celebrated for its quirky social media campaigns and fresh spirited designs. The real silver lining comes from hearing the news that former Marc by Marc Jacobs womenswear designers Luella Bartley and Katie Hiller are launching their own brand called Hiller Bartley. Even with that in mind, we’re still extremely saddened by the loss of MMJ. To cheer us up, Neville Jacobs – Marc’s incredibly cute bull terrier – is here to remind us that life goes on (even though his MMJ Neville loafers are now discontinued). Recently, the cultured pooch starred in his very own Marc Jacobs campaign for Bookmarc. Neville may not have his own fashion line like Choupette, but he is loved just the same.

Here are some of his best Instagram moments:

😱 👟👟 (yes, I'm staring at a treat)

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Neville is a trendsetter.

Just because… 🌹

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A true romantic.


It's Friday..! (📷 by @luckymagazine)

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A rebel without a cause as well.



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