You don’t have to travel all the way to Europe to discover exciting alcohol brands anymore. Regardless of where you are living in Canada, you are likely to come across a spirits producer that will awaken your interest. The following brands are the ones that definitely found a way to intrigue and impress us.


Lot No. 40

Produced by Hiram Walker in Windsor (Ontario), the winner of “Best Canadian Whisky” has everything to make you fall in love at the first sip. Lot No. 40 is distilled in a single copper pot still, using locally sourced ingredients to enhance rye spices. The whisky is then aged in virgin oak barrels to encourage a full body with a vanilla and oak finish. In more simple words, it’s one of the best damn North-American rye whiskeys you can buy. And buying it also helps the Canadian economy at the same time. Its warm finish keeps seducing me everytime I drink it and I always make sure I have a bottle at hand.



 Georges-Étienne (Domaine Lafrance)

This brandy is the result of the expertise of the estate’s distillers and is elaborated in the manner of the best Calvados, expressing all the nobility of apple spirits slowly aged in oak casks. It unveils aromas of vanilla that are then slowly replaced by brown sugar. Its taste also evokes warm apples and autumn spices. It is super easy to drink and will please the ones who love a sweeter spirit.






Barrel aging gives this award-winning gin its brooding colour and adds warm, spiced notes to any of your cocktails. Surprisingly smooth, it’s best on its own without any add-ons, but we won’t refuse ourselves the pleasure of mixing it with quality tonic to obtain a killer G&T.




Masterson’s is a Canadian whiskey bottled in California, primarily for the U.S. luxury market, which makes it harder to find on SAQ and LCBO shelves. As such, it’s doing its part as an ambassador for the uniquely piquant sting of 100 percent rye Canadian whiskey—a flavour that’s finally taking the whiskey world by storm. In this one, there’s hot pepper, freshly sawn wood, pumpernickel, and dill pickle.