The Danish singer performed an intimate concert last week, and it was everything you could dream of

Last Friday, I went to Fairmount Theatre to watch Oh Land perform songs off her fourth and most recent album. In my head, she is this kind of ridiculously gorgeous superstar that can make me dance by singing the catchiest tunes ever. That explains my surprise once I arrived at the venue, only to see half the place was filled. It was almost like the city was sleeping that night, and completely forgot about the show. Or maybe it was the fact that Prince was in town for a surprise concert at the same time.





Opening up for Oh Land was Parlour Tricks, a pop band from New York that has a cabaret vibe. They seemed very happy to be there, attacking every song with contagious energy and some harmonious dance moves. The public reaction to their sexy retro/alternative music was more than positive, and they got serious cheers at the end of their set.





It took less than 20 minutes before Nanna Øland Fabricius jumped on stage sporting a shiny high-waisted skirt paired with a sleeveless top, both in pink, and what looked like a pair of Saint Laurent boots. The mood of the night was definitively “pop art”, with her musicians wearing fluorescent wigs, making them appear like Andy Warhol lookalikes.


Jumping between her most popular songs, she got the best reactions from the crowd with hits like “Head up High” and “Son of a Gun”. For my personal favourite, “Renaissance Girls”, she executed a theatrical dance enhanced by stunning light effects. She clearly has a strong artistic and theatric sense, one that’s reminiscent of singer Bjork’s at certain points. It was without any doubt one of the best show I saw this year, and I only wish that Oh Land would receive the recognition she truly deserves.



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