While doing your Christmas shopping, you want to find the best gifts to make your loved ones truly happy. The problem is, shopping during the holiday season might be exhaustive, especially when you have to go through the crazy crowd at the mall. This year, why not enjoy some peace and zen with the whole family by offering them the ultimate spa experience? In this spirit, West Spa in Montreal  has got you covered!


Nirvana: for the undecided one

We all know that person who is terrible at making decisions, or just takes forever to make up their mind. This is the perfect candidate for a spa package that includes a variety of relaxing options like a  Swedish massage, a facial, and a pedicure/manicure.  You won’t miss your target with this gift!



Jingle Bells: for the person on the go

That crazy busy workaholic in your life  defientley deserves some time off, and it’s your missions to make sure they relax this season. Since tying someone to a chair is not your cup of tea, go for the spa package that offers one hour of pure calm with a massage and a body exfoliation.





North Pole Delight: for the diva

Is your best friend high-maintenance and kind of proud of it? Make sure she’s a happy diva this season with a luxurious spa package which offers body exfoliation, a Swedish massage, head massage, facial, and a pedicure/manicure. She will thank you forever after this holiday treat!




Champagne Celebration: for the love birds

Take care of the newlywed in your life or that couple that shares every moment together by offering them a shared spa package. While sipping some bubbly, they will receive a massage and a pedicure.  They can even look into each other’s eyes if they want to, you won’t be there to judge them.




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