Let us transport you to an extraordinary place of soul-stirring art, food, beauty, and landscapes. Discover the rich history behind one of the most iconic collections from Fresh and learn about the artists behind its limited-edition hand-painted, swirling design.


By Mayillah Ezekiel


Umbrian Clay, being one of the earliest known cosmetic ingredients, has been used for therapeutic treatments for centuries; and for the ancient civilization established in Umbria, white clay was believed to possess mystical meaning.



Fresh founders Alina Roytberg and Lev Glazman commissioned Rometti, a ceramics workshop based in Umbria, Italy, to create a design that embodies the great history behind the Umbrian clay mask. The soft hue of blue juxtaposed with a shade of sand beige, crowned with an Etruscan figure chosen to represent beauty certainly makes for an artful conception. The earthy palette and Rometti’s signature stripes complete the geometric design inspired by the Umbrian landscape. This collaboration celebrates and honours the brand’s heritage, artisanal spirit and respect for Italy’s green heart.


Rometti, the first Italian ceramic workshop to incorporate avant-garde ideas, was founded in 1927. Massimo Monini, the owner, and Jean-Christophe Clair, the artistic director, continuously experiment and exercise their curiosity to create with innovative production techniques. Their unique, handmade objects are created with natural clay pulled from a local quarry whose origin dates back to Roman times; making this a natural partnership, because of Fresh’s similar approach with their mineral-rich clay.



Powered by Umbrian Clay, this multi-tasking mask (for all skin types) can be used as a daily deep cleanser, a pore-purifying mask, and a spot treatment. The three-in-one treatment not only contains this “miracle” clay high in mineral content to balance, purify, and clarify the complexion, but it also uses sandalwood oil for its astringent properties, chamomile flower and lavender water to soothe the skin, and olive leaf extract to promote suppleness and protect against free radicals.



Twenty-five years after the discovery of this key ingredient in a small picturesque village of Nocera Umbra, the Umbrian Clay Purifying Mask, among the complete Umbrian Clay collection, continues to be an iconic product to keep safe on your top shelf.



FRESH Umbrian Clay Purifying Mask ($75).