Osheaga is taking place in a week and I couldn’t be more excited for this year’s edition, especially with this incredible lineup. Since I know it can be overwhelming to pick the best shows not to miss, I made a list of incredible artists you should definitely give a listen to.


Aurora – Sat, July 30, 9:00 PM

She sounds like something between Laura Marling and Florence Welch, and her spacey voice finds a way of awakening those feelings we keep buried inside. The Norwegian singer released, earlier this year, her second opus intitled All My Demons Greeting Me as a Friend, that has received many rave reviews. For her set at Osheaga, prepare yourself for a pure moment of haunting piano melodies.



Daughter – Sat, July 30, 3:15 PM

The indie folk trio isn’t afraid of addressing serious subjects like depression, mental illness and loneliness, in their songs. There’s something in their sound that will remind you of The XX. You will realize, after several listening, the complexity of their songs -especially with their turn of phrases that sound way more elaborated than other bands. Their fan base have been growing strong over the last years so don’t be surprise if you have to fight your way to the front of Scène de la Montagne Molson where they will be playing during the festival.


Flume – Fri, July 29, 9:50 PM

You would probably expect something melow and folky from a guy who takes his stage name from a Bon Iver song… but on the contrary. What Flume creates is electronic music that takes you on a planning trip instead of making you dance until you can barely crawl to your bead. His second album Skin might appeal more to the masses – not to be called a pop album. He still creates those perfectly produced tracks that made him famous in the electronic crowd.



Grimes – Sun, July 31, 5:40 PM

Listening to Grimes is like saying yes to a musical trip that wil make you extremly excited for the future of Canadian music. She is that musical ovni that makes pop music sound appealing, while adding to the sometimes oversweet mix her own punky sound. Her latest album Art Angels is a strong mix of melodic hooks and catchy dance tunes. This is definitely the show you don’t want to miss during the last day of Osheaga.


Kaleo – Fri, July 29, 2:25 PM

They sound like The Veils had a magical music baby with Kings of Leon (before they shaved their beards). Their tracks are so full of that dirty bluesy rock -think Clapton with Cream or The Sheepdogs- that you could almost believe they were born and raised somewhere like Nashville. But Kaleo is a pure Icelandic product that made it its mission of captivating your body and ears with their gritty sound. Don’t miss them perform at Scène de la Rivière Virgin Mobile.




Other suggestions: , Radiohead and Haim.





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