Despite the crazy rain on Friday and the new location hard to get by (at first), the latest edition of Osheaga festival was a huge success.



London Grammar

There was definitely a dramatic vibe during London Grammar’s performance at the festival. From their strip down melodies to their haunting presence, they made the best of the short time they had on stage -due to the terrible weather- to deliver their biggest hits from their first album while playing a shivering version of Rooting For You from their latest albu,


Tove Lo

You can always count on the Danish singer to add the right amount of party vibe anywhere she performs. From flashing her public to provocatively moving on stage totally barefoot, she made sure that the Osheaga’s crowd forget about the rain and enjoy themselves.



Visibly happy to be there, the singer started her set by reminding the crowd the good time she had performing at the festival back in 2014. Despite the rain still pouring, Lorde delivered an energetic and intense performance, showing all the maturity she gained as an artist with her most recent album.  She even took the time to deliver a cover of Bloody Mother Fuckin Asshole, originally performed by Canadian’s singer Martha Wainwright.



Montreal got to meet the Atlanta R&B singer on Friday, who’s gaining popularity very quickly! His songs are extremely relatable making him a personal favorite for a lot of people! He’s known for his moody songs free from all pretence combined with a calming, intricate production to emphasize the message he’s communicating. The perfect soundtrack to a break-up, a rough time in your life, or simply if you are struggling with some issues – which we are all -, his latest project will surely help you work through some of your feelings.


Jacob Banks

When you combine blues-inflected soul with modern sounds, you’ll get the amazing result that is Jacob Banks! Discover his latest EP named “The Boy Who Cried Freedom” – I promise you, you’ll want to listen to “Chainsmoking”, “Part Time Love”, “Mercy”… well basically every song this artist has released!


Run The Jewels

El-P and Killer Mike always deliver a dynamique performance! Not only are they amazing live, but they also take the time to spread the message of love – which is an important message the world really needs to hear at this moment. Listen to their latest album “RTJ3”! The songs will surely be on heavy rotation in your iTunes moving forward!


The Weeknd

The last performer of the weekend, The Weeknd put on quite a show (see what I did there..? Oh the amount of puns that come to mind). Montreal being an important city in his heart, he made sure to translate how special this city is to him! The crowd could not get enough of his hits, as if seeing him live wasn’t enough, he even included fireworks to his performance. If you’re hesitating to see him on tour, go for it, you will not regret it!