Dear festival look, it’s not me and it’s definitely you.

I don’t know what’s going on with me this year, but I seriously couldn’t care less about what I’m going to wear for Osheaga Music Festival. Maybe it’s because this weekend will mark my 10th time attending the festival or simply because I reached my limit of barely acceptable outfits to wear in the middle of a sweaty crowd, but I think I’m gonna pass on the overall festival look. This means no short jeans belonging more to the “denim diaper category” that the regular shorts, no bikini top bravely worn in public, no glitters covering half of my body and definitely no jewelry with a wannabe boho/hindu feel. I am done.

For this edition of the festival, I want to wear something that it’s going to make me feel like myself and allow me to run from stage to stage, while making me look professional to do interviews with musicians.

If you also are over the festival look or simply don’t have time to think about something to wear to attend Osheaga, you are more than welcome to take a look below at some suggestions I threw together.


The oversized t-shirt as a dress

Just because it’s easy-breezy-comfy and you are definitely going to be able to wear it again. You can also have fun with the accessories department without being afraid to overdo it. Simply make sure not to pick a white tee, since the mix of festival’s dirt and sweat will destroy your look in the blink of an eye.



The Wrap Dress

This fashion item definitely deserves more love, especially since it’s so freaking versatile! Wearing this type of dress makes you almost wish there is a fresh breeze behind you every time you walk, turning you into an extra for a Florence and The Machine music video. It’s also the best outfit to wear if you  spontaneously decide to leave everything behind to follow one of the musician on tour because it’s ridiculously easy to pack in the tiniest luggage.



Your favorite comfy pants and a crop top

If FKA Twigs and Lorde can pull it off while looking fashionable af, you can definitely do the same. This outfit is all about being comfortable, while making sure you don’t faint under the heat of the sun by wearing too many layers. You will also be able to strech your legs without having to be worried about giving others a show.