Inspired by the success of Jaguars’ first SUV, the 2018 E-PACE crossover is the fun and confident younger brother who’s eager to please. Just like its predecessors, this vehicle is high and mighty in stature, giving you the experience of a true Jaguar with the practicality of an SUV.

By Aniseh Sharifi

The exterior design of the E-PACE is built from Jaguar DNA and links key features from the F-TYPE while adding sportier characteristics such as the LED headlights, pronounced rear haunches, and creased front and rear fenders. The unmistakable Jaguar look is created by the bold grill, chrome side vents, and overall muscular body definition, giving it a powerful stance and assertive look.

The interior of the R-Dynamic follows the stylish exterior with the premium Windsor leather with stitch seats, a console grab-handle, and a sports-style gear shifter. Considering its height, the cabin is well composed even over major potholes and twists. Although the rear seat space is compact with a narrow door opening, the cargo space makes up for it.

Between the Core and R-Dynamic AWD models, the latter is the sportier version with the 2.0L 296 horsepower turbocharged engine and 295lb-ft of torque.

Comparable in its class with the Audi Q3/Q5, MB GLA, or BMW X2/X3, the E-PACE is decorated with an impressive list of features to politely demonstrate its dedication to you:

The Infotainment: The clutter-free cabin is equipped with a 10” touchscreen where you can access the climate control, sound system, phone connection, and navigation (voiced with an English accent).

The Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS): It includes all the technology that you would expect in this tamed beast: surround cameras, 360-degree Park Aid, Blind Spot Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control, and Lane Keep assist to name a few.

Fun Touches: The activity key is great if you’re the active type and carrying a key fob is not an option; this wearable, waterproof wristband is your access to your chariot. Other fun features are the “Jaguar Club” design on the windshield and puddle lamp projections.

In the city, you may need to make wider turns, but on the highway, your Jag will leap and take charge. Just like it’s price tag, it’s fuel consumption is on the higher end, but it’s an honest compromise if you’ll allow it to serve you and your grand life.