Profiled in Vogue Italia as a emerging talent, Pedram Karimi, the Montreal-based designer is making clothes for everybody and nobody.

Pedram Karimi’s words on his Spring/Summer 2015 collection followed the designer’s genderless global perspective,  “If they get it, then they wear it. If it makes sense to them. It doesn’t matter where they’re from.” His experimental designs may take a while to grow on his Canadian audience since, “Canada is a new country and this whole fashion culture is pretty new,” Karimi said. “So a lot of people dress similarly.

But I believe with the Internet and being more aware and going on different websites and magazines, there’s so much attention on fashion.” Take a look at the minimalist SS15 campaign editorial shot inside a photo booth featuring models Ethan from Folio, Morogan, Saskya & Daniel under the direction of Melissa Matos with hair and make up done by Emy Filteau. For a chance to see the designer’s collection in person at the Fashion Preview this Oct 8-9th at the Phi Center get your tickets here.