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Ok, it’s confession time. Despite the fact that I am working for a posh fashion magazine and that I’ve been a stylist in the past, I am terrible at shopping for myself. Every time I step inside a boutique, I go directly to the rack of grey/black/do-you-have-a-darker-colour clothing with a look on my face that clearly screams “please don’t talk to me or even try to help me”. Yeah, I am that kind of sometimes bitchy customer with no patience and I am not proud of it. I also have too much of the same in my wardrobe, which can be summed up as black, lacy and flowy.

That explains why I finally decided to put my ego aside and asked someone for her assistance when I found myself having to shop a dress for an event at the last minute (as always). Knowing that Amélie, one of the sweetest – and gorgeous – girls in town was now working as a personal stylist for Topshop in Montréal, I turned to her to get some guidance.



I met her at the main store at The Bay on St. Catherine street, ready to shop like there was no tomorrow (which I usually beg for after looking at my credit card statement the day after). All smiles, she greeted me with many outfits ideas flowing through her head. Once we made our way through the store, we ended up in her office, which looks more like the walk-in every girl dreams of. “Most of the girls who come here have issues with their body and they just want to look beautiful. I play a little bit the part of a psychologist and I help them feel confident in their own skin.”

And confident she made me feel! During the whole session, I had the impression of hanging out more with a friend who knows her shit about style and fashion, than a shopping adviser trying to force me into buying my weight in clothes. I didn’t feel rushed or like I was just a number on a client list, to the point where I ended up seriously thinking about staying there for the rest of the night while sipping my third espresso (yes, there is a coffee machine inside the dressing room). I left Topshop with a low-v wrapped silver dress – doesn’t it sound exquisite? – and the assurance of a six foot tall Swedish model. Or close enough.

-You can reach her at: amelie.parent-mcgarrell@hbc.com


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