PFW: Jean Charles De Castelbajac SS15 – Painting The Future In Colour

As the freshly painted murals done by artists Lek & Sowat on the garage wall slowly dried, the first of the lineup of real women, none of which were professional models, made her way down the runway in a colourful ensemble of what Jean Charles de Castelbajac envisioned the clothing of 2074 would look like.

Jean Charles De Castelbajac’s Spring Summer 2015 collection painted the future in colour while looking back in retrospect to the 70s for inspiration. A collective of primary coloured ensembles worn by real women who appeared to be as easy going as the garments themselves made their entrance in arriving vehicles. Aside from actress Pauline Lefèvre and Clarin heiress Claire Courtin who were friends of the designer the other 24 models were just regular women who charmed the crowd with smiles and winks but it would’ve been hard to tell had I not known since they did a perfect rendition of what could’ve been a professional catwalk strut in airbag heels. The oversize imitation stitches brought a sense of fun and childlike-ness to the blank white canvas of the separate garments while the sportswear pieces in a variety of knit, organza and habutai brought upon a sense of deja vu as the colour blocking trend made its way back to the runway and perhaps will be making another appearance in the street fashion trends of next spring.

Photo by : Sonny Vandevelde


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